PA Affidavits

In Pennsylvania, at least 3 voters in each precinct must turn in affidavits on Monday, November 28. 

Please click here for complete instructions:

There are two different affidavits.

One for voters that voted using optical scan machines (where you mark your votes on paper and put it into a scanner). Another for voters that voted using a DRE machine (an electronic input that is usually a touch-screen or buttons to select your options on the screen--like the different ways an ATM might operate). 

Click here for the optical scan affidavit.

Click here for the DRE affidavit.

Following the instructions on the affidavit carefully, please accurately fill it out with information for your own county of residence and then get it notarized.

After the form has been notarized, turn it in to your county's Board of Elections, get it date stamped by them, and get a copy (or take a picture with your phone). It can also be helpful to note the name of the employee to whom you handed it in. 

To find your county's board of elections address, click here, and use the county drop-down menu.

Then let us know that you turned it in by emailing

Please note: there are several counties where the deadline to file has already passed.

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