Alaska Ballot Access

Advisory: Our campaign is on the ballot in AK. Media may contact Rick Lass with questions regarding ballot access.



Here's how you can get started to help get Jill Stein and the Green Party on the ballot in Alaska. We need volunteers to collect signatures from registered voters in Alaska on a specific petitioning sheet, which is included below.

First, please click here to make sure you've signed up at our volunteer page to get Jill on the ballot. Check the box labeled “I will petition to get Jill Stein on the ballot.”

In Alaska we need to collect 3,000 valid signatures by August 10.


**Please get in touch with your contact person with questions about petitioning.**


Downloadable Resources

Petition Sheet

Jill2016 Campaign Flyers

Contact Person

We're done petitioning in AK.

Online Resources

Green Party of Alaska Facebook Group

Alaska for Jill Stein Facebook Page





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