Amber, Waukesha County

This is a report from the hotline in Madison. An observer called in to report that the municipality of Oconomowoc provided to the Waukesha recount many ballots without election officials' initials on the ballots. The observer I spoke with had not noted the ward(s) in which this problem occurred, or whether it affected only absentee ballots, only regular ballots, or all ballots. I don't know whether the observer objected. She asked a recount worker and was told that the Waukesha recount was following statutes on voter intent and counting the votes on the uninitialed ballots. 
Ideally, we would know the extent of this problem (uninitialled ballots), and whether election officials were failing to initial ballots in only one Oconomowoc reporting unit or many. Ideally, someone would investigate to determine the possibility of ballot substitution, though it would be truly inept fraud to fail so obviously to make the fraudulent ballots look like real ones.