Batesville AR Watch Party: Stein/Baraka CNN Town Hall

Berniecrats! Please come out to support the only presidential choice whose platform and actions will support Bernie Sanders' progressive agenda that he has laid out during the Democratic Primaries.
Our most important job now is to continue #OurRevolution and make sure that we as voters have more choices at all levels of the election process. By going Green Party, we will provide a resounding rejection of the false narrative that we must elect "the lesser of two evils", the two horrible choices the corporations give us every 4 years. Downballot, we must support Berniecrats and other true progressives to ensure that government listens to us.
A HUUGE turnout for Green Party in AR will ensure that Green Party will be on the ballot every year, as well as, ensure matching funds from the federal government. Let's break the two party stranglehold on our democracy!

Will you come?