James, Brown County

Recount is done i observed from TH. to Monday nothing to report that is not all ready known from the News Paper in Green Bay no one seemed happy for the Green Party Jill Stein gained no more votes then she had in the election total.

Carter, Brown County

Everyone was very earnest and serious about getting the numbers right. In Monona, Trump picked up 7 votes and Clinton 15. They found 9 absentee ballots that had not been removed from the envelopes. In springfield everything corresponded to the official results. I have video of almost the whole thing but don't think there was anything worth reviewing, but let me know and i'd be happy to upload. I'm going back to NYC, so good luck and godspeed with the rest of the recount.

Elizabeth, Brown County

The recount workers, county clerk’s staff, and municipality clerks appear very committed to the process, if some are skeptical of the reasons for it. It also appears that there are poll worker/recount workers from both major parties participating. Only *the* designated person from a candidate or party is allowed to make objections. I designated myself after a recount worker told me I had to be 'official’, and I grabbed a ‘primary candidate’s observer’ lanyard until I left. (The other woman was not going to be staying for more than an hour.) Continue reading