A Call to Action

Dear Friends of Democracy and Justice,

I am writing to you today as Jill Stein’s former Vice Presidential candidate. It was four years ago when Jill and I walked onto the Hofstra campus to join the Presidential debates because over 85% of the country was able to vote for us. We thought it was important that the country hear from all candidates.

Instead we were taken by secret service, photographed and taken to a warehouse miles away and handcuffed sideways to metal chairs for over eight hours. Nobody in our campaign or in our families knew where we were. We were made to disappear during the Presidential debates.

That is why I am writing to you today to ask you to make a pledge for democracy by joining me in massive nonviolent civil disobedience if the debates don’t include all four of the Presidential candidates who are on the ballot in enough states to have the ability to win the 270 electoral votes needed to win the Presidency.

We will be holding an informational and nonviolent civil disobedience training session the weekend before the first debate

Yours for justice,

Cheri Honkala


We can build a better future together.

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