Christine, Door County

When I arrived I was told I needed a photo ID which was not required the day before.  Therefore I did not bring the ID because we were not allowed to bring purses into the room where the counting was conducted.  This made me angry because I drove too far to run home and get it.  I called the recount hotline and was told the ID wasn't required and I agreed to go back to the clerks office.  I was able to get in.  I talked to other observers and got an update for the villages and towns that were completed the afternoon before.  There were no discrepancies from the previous day.  During the count for Brussels, WI there was 1 extra ballot over the poll list count.  All the ballots were scrambled face down on a table and 1 ballot was drawn to be eliminated from the count.  That ballot was for Hillary Clinton so her count for Brussels went from 202 to 201.  Trumps count was 374 and remained the same.  There were not other discrepancies.