Cindy, Wisconsin County

Arrived at 8:35am on 12-02-16 in Ellsworth, for Pierce County. There were approximately 10-11 observers (GOP-4, DPW-5, Green-1, one additional GP arrived at 12:30pm) during my shift 9am-2:30pm.
I observed the final count of HRC’s paper ballots for Town of Martell Ward 1-2 (all other candidate ballots were counted on 12-01). I noticed nothing unusual during the count; final 369 Trump, 260 Clinton with no changes in final totals.
The Village of Elmwood Ward 1 resulted in a “lost ballot” for Darrell Castle; one additional tape ballot for Clinton; and one additional tape ballot for Trump. The ballots were counted by FOUR people (Joyce --, Gene --, Linda --, and lead Cindy (last name not known) FOUR separate times. The adjusted count was determined to be: 247 Trump; 121 Clinton; 1 Castle. Martell was packed with the changes noted.
The final portion of my observation was City of River Falls, Ward 1-3, Bag #2 of 3. It appeared to me that most all of the tables were taking on sections of the City of River Falls, spreading out duties, sorts and counts to various tables. I observed only the matching of the two record books, where there were many mismatched “A” between the two books, in that one book had an “A” and/or Voter Number that did not match with the name on the other book. All issues appeared to have been resolved by looking at the Absentee Ballot envelope.