My Last Message to You as Campaign Manager for Jill and Ajamu



Dear Friend,

I’m David Cobb and I've had the honor of being Campaign Manager for Jill and Ajamu for these last few months. 

david.jpgAnd before this campaign is over, I’ve got something I have to get off my chest. If I don’t say this now, I’ll regret it for the next 4 years.

And that is this.

“We the people” should be governing ourselves. “We the people” should be living in a peaceful, just society. “We the People” are very inspiring words.

But I know the truth - and so do you. We do not truly govern ourselves as a democratic republic.

I applaud all the sincere people who are showing up in their support for the Democrats and Republicans….but the truth is...


Principled liberals and progressives have been lied to and sold out by the ruling elite of the Democratic Party who are taking their money and marching orders from the big corporations, banks, and Wall Street.

And principled conservatives have been lied to and sold out by the ruling elite of the Republican Party who are also taking their money and their marching orders from the same damn corporations, Wall Street executives and big banks.

I invite you to watch the last short video in my series by clicking on this link.

Remember, the last few days are flying off the calendar. There are sincere, well-meaning people out there who need to hear Jill’s message before they make a serious mistake in the voting booth.

And we need your help to get Jill’s message of debt relief, infrastructure improvement, and good paying jobs out to them.

It will take a real revolution for the people to gain control… a mass movement of ordinary people - people like you and me - not with bullets but with ballots. We are going to reclaim our national birthright.

That’s what the Green Party is all about!

To successfully do that, we need your help.

View my last video here and after you view it, will you donate to our campaign right away?

Truthfully, we’re falling behind in our donations...right at this critical time. We URGENTLY need your help right now. And if you’ve given before, please consider giving again. Help us finish strong in 2016, and get the 5% nationwide that we need, so we can START STRONG IN 2020.

This revolution to take back America is not just in our hearts, not just in our dreams. As Jill says, it’s in our hands.

It's been an honor and a pleasure serving you.

David Cobb
Campaign Manager
Stein/Baraka 2016

P.S. Please start a conversation by sending this video out to family and friends. We only have 7 days to reach out to those sincere and caring people from both the Democratic and Republican parties. Let’s give those who are disillusioned true hope in a candidate and movement which is inclusive. It’s time to empower each other. Our future depends on it! Give today and be sure to vote November 8th!

water_bottle_final.jpegP.P.S. And SPECIAL BONUS! Today, if you donate $75 from the link in this email, we will send you a free Jill2016 water bottle. Take it with you on the go so you can show off your true GREEN colors everywhere!