Colin, Douglas County

I was an observer of the recount from 9am to 130pm. Municipals counted during my time there included, Aminicon, Maple, Hawthorne, Gordon, Village of Superior, and the 27th-29th ward was underway when I left. There were small changes of +1 or -1 to Trump and Clinton in two of the Municipals, other than that the count came out the same as election night counts. Thanks for the chance to get involved with the process as it was very interesting. On a side note the officer at the door told us when we arrived that we already had representation in the room and were not needed. Both I and the other Green Party member took it at face value and turned to leave. As we were walking away we decided that we would like to at least observe the process. So we returned and the officer noted that people from the Clinton Campaign were already in the room. This did satisfy us and we stated we wanted to be let in as observers, the officer than have us our name badge and we were allowed to enter.This was my first experience where someone tried to keep me out of a political process simply because I did not represent a major party. Helps me understand what I am fighting for.Green party representation!