Count My Vote Rally

On Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 4pm on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol at the top of State Street in Madison, the WI Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein will present our report with its findings and recommendations at a Rally/Press Conference and will launch our Count My Vote Campaign.

The Wisconsin Green Party is sponsoring the new Count My Vote campaign to push for fair elections in the State of Wisconsin and ensure that everyone's vote counts in the Badger State.

After 161,000 people donated an average of $50 to pay for the recounts, with 10,000 volunteering to observe, 3656 in Wisconsin alone, the Stein2016 Campaign and the Wisconsin Green Party have been analyzing the Board of Canvasser reports that have come in as well as the Recount Observer reports.

We have found some disturbing things. Machine insecurity, inconstant practices, and the large number of vote changes all point to a system that is broken. This doesn't even take into account all the ballots that were not hand counted, making it impossible to audit the vote in those counties, the largest being Milwaukee County.
We hope you can join us on January 3rd to help kick off this important effort to ensure our votes count.  Please RSVP below and see you on the 3rd!

Will you come?