Terrie, Dane County

Two districts were counted during my shift: Springdale and Dunkirk. Both districts balanced with their previously reported totals. Everything was according to protocol--seals, etc.

Martha, Dane County

When we arrived Sunday morning the building maintenance man told us the recount finished Saturday night Martha Sent from my error-prone device; apologies abound. Martha

Helgaleena, Dane County

I am pleased to announce that at 8:45 pm December 10 the Dane County recount is DONE! I was the last Stein observer on hand. They have run out of ballots. Nobody needs to brave Sunday's snow.I observed for 8 hours from 2:30-8:30.There was at first another Stein observer named Jude Edmonds, so we were able to cover the 2 main rooms. I was in rm 354.  the shift began with combined wards 92 and 95. The procedure today is to put each ward at separate tables, each with 8 tabulators, handling their own absentee ballots. this makes sense because in the urban wards there are nearly 50% absentees.  Even so there was a lot of trading of stray ballots between tables until counts were correct.  Ward 92 regular approx 700, abs  716;  Ward 95 regular approx 650, abs 498rnrnfinals do not include all candidates because I was only interested in Clinton, Trump, and Stein.Ward 92 included 5 double votes .  Ward 95 had a triple vote!   Ward 92 regular: Trump 50, Clinton 509.  absentee: Trump 147, Clinton 541. Stein regular 6, absentee 14, total 20 for Stein.Ward 95 regular: Trump130, Clinton 615.  absentee: Trump 104, Clinton 787.  Stein regular 23, absentee 8, total of 31 for Stein.The next batch had 5 wards, but 4 of them had only a few votes each-- wards 128, 130, 132.  Another had no voters at all.  The count was essentially all Ward 9.  Both tables did that ward.ward 9 Final counts:  Trump 493 plus 1 absentee.  Johnson 53 all regular. Clinton 1524 plus one Clinton write-in. Stein regular 13, absentee 8, total 21 for Stein.My room began Wards 96 and 99 using the 2 table ward separation method.  Jude had to leave before 5:30 but she assured me there were 3 observers in there.  I decided to peek into room 357 and see who they were. Surprise! They were not Stein people; they were Clinton people!   I was going to have to flit between all 3 rooms until end of shift.  I do not own a cell phone...Room 357 was doing a ward bundle of 111, 122, 124, 138.  Once again all but Ward 111 were 'zero wards' with no votes.  I quickly went down to room 321 the pre-sorting room.  They were on their last few batches.  Sure enough by 7:30 they wheeled the last trolley into room 354 wearing their coats and signed out.  The huge piles of ballot bags are gone.Final counts of Ward 111--Clinton regular741, absentee 587.   Trump regular 390 absentee 177. Stein regular 8, absentee 3, total 11 for Stein.Back in room 354 the totals for ward 96 Stein 13, 4-1 Clinton to Trump.  Ward 99 Stein 18, twice as many Clinton as Trump.  They moved on to Wards 33 and 34.  Totals ward 33:  Trump331, Clinton approx. 450 ' Stein 14.  Ward 33 had a pile of problematic 'possible remake' votes that had to be examined by the table of supervisors. They eventually allowed 11 of them, 10 for Clinton and 1 write-in.Totals Ward 34: Clinton 275, Trump 81, Stein 14.Room 357 had a bundle of 3 wards, but 127 had no voters. Two tables handles Wards 105 and 107. First count ward 107 1185 regular, 746 absentee;  ward 105 680 regular, 610 absentee.After sorting, ward 105 regular Clinton 439, absentee 435. Trump regular 192, absentee 122. Stein 2.                   Ward 107 Clinton regular 712, absentee 1117.  Trump regular 298, absentee 90.  Stein regular 13, absentee 3.  Room 357 then closes.Final batch in room 357 fully 1/2 blank ballots still in cellophane.  4 wards ;  Ward 114 voteless, ward 121 only a few and hand counted by the supervisors, Ward 102 and 101 handled at the 2 tables. Ward 102 350 regular, 201 absentee. 4 votes for Jill.   Ward 101 regular: Clinton 163, trump 62, Stein 2.  absentee: Clinton 146, Trump 11, Stein 2.  Total 4 for Stein.and that's all.Katya Whiterabbit

Nicole, Dan County

2 rooms were counting and 1 was sorting ballots in numerical order.  I spent most of my time in the sorting room and I noticed that they were missing 2 ballots from Ward 49 in the city of Madison, Wi.

Elena, Dane County

Notes & photos attached

Elena, Dane County

My notes & photos attached

Jessica, Dane County

No objections, but progress was slower and didn't proceed as smoothly as on Thrs (12/8). One count turned up 4 additional votes for Hillary, including an unopened absentee ballot. Another count had 1 missing Clinton ballot and one additional Clinton vote via (another) unopened ballot that had been sent to the wrong ward by mistake. I gave my paperwork to the coordinator there (the one who has been there the whole time and is always very helpful).

Jessica, Dane County

I gave my written report and related notes to the recount coordinator. I observed 3 wards in the morning and one after lunch. They went well. I made no objections--none were needed. Nothing odd happened.

Donald, Dane County

Dec 9 Ward Worksheets

Donald, Dane County

Dec 8 Ward Worksheets