Donald, Dane County

Started in Room 357 - Board of Canvassers, 16 tabulators plus a head tabulator. One other Stein rep, 2 Clinton reps, 2 Trump reps. Moved to Room 354 around noon. Same setup with a Board of Canvassers, 16 tabulators with a head tabulator. One Stein rep, 2 Clinton reps also present.Both rooms were very quiet. No procedures were announced. If any issues arose, it was only whispered. Consequently, it was very difficult to know what was going on. Tallies were subtotaled by piles, then totaled - all whispered to the head tabulator.One significant irregularity arose. In Ward 83, 738 absentee envelopes were counted, but only 633 (?) ballots were counted and reported by the ward (missing about 100 ballots?)

Helgaleena, Dane County

 I watched for 8 hours, 2:30-8:30 PM.  There were only 3 of us at 2:30, so the new person 'floated' between rooms. Now she feels ready to handle a Saturday morning shift on her own.  I would have liked to switch to the 3rd room where they are pre-sorting, but she felt better about having a mentor.The first batch was a combined batch of wards 110 and 120.  Absentee ballots slightly outnumbered regular ballots.  Trump votes regular 132, absentee 193 for total 325. Clinton votes 423 regular, absentee 454, totaling 877.  Votes for Jill totaled 9.Second batch was four wards--114, 114, 116, 103. ONLY WARD 103 had any voters!  I only caught the regular counts for trump-clinton. 36T, 220 C .. there were also 144 absentees and 39 remade e-ballots, grand total 363. Out of these I was kindly told 10 votes were for Jill.third batch was a combo of wards 1, 2 and 123. Again Ward 123 had NO votes.  the other 2 wards had to be separated out, because each ward had different referendum questions, but the poll workers sometimes gave the wrong ballot , Ward 1 voters voting on Ward 2 ballots and vice versa, including, sadly the absentee ballots.  They had to be distinguished by header codes.  A number of header codes turned out to be from neighboring wards!  The machine was not supposed to accept these ballots. I hope they were absentees in that case. rnrnWard1 totals: regular ballots 679, of which 12 were for Jill.  Absentee 497 approx. 200 for Clinton, 0 for Jill. a whopping 125 re-makes, including 3 for Jill.  Grand total 990 of which 15 were for Jill.Ward 1 also had 11 uncounted still in the envelopes, bringing its grand total subsequently up to 1001. I don't know if they included and Jill votes as i wasn't able to see. They were tabulated though. Similar to the uncounted votes discovered in city of Monona.Ward2 totals:  regular 654 Clinton, 141 Trump, 16 Jill.  Absentee approx 230 Clinton, 30 Trump, 1 Jill.  Remakes 64 Clinton, 13 Trump, none for Jill.  Grand total 1551, including 17 Jill.At the beginning of 5:30 shift the one new person left and in came 3 new persons. Bob in the other room and I mentored them once again, 2 in with me catching on quite quickly. We observed together  a combined batch of Wards 43 and 52, both small.  52 had its absentee ballots separated out already, but 43 needed to be pre-sorted before the count.  Two ballots meant to be included in ward 43 also were discovered mixed into ward 52 and sent to the proper table.Ward 43 totals:  regular Clinton 200, Trump 11, Jill 3rnrn                          absentee clinton 150, Trump17, Jill 3rnrnWard 52 totals: regular Clinton 215, Trump 31, Jill 0rnrn                         absentee Clinton 300, Trump 43, Jill 10. The new people took over watching the count of wards 5 and 6 and I was finally able to go to the pre-sorting room 321.There was some confusion going on during processing of a combined batch of wards 74 and 75, from the polling station at Leopold Elementary on Post Rd. Someone there was assigning numbers to absentee ballots and another was remaking all absentee ballots they were given, not just the e-ballots.  Someone quipped that it was a great way to make more votes.once the wards were distinguished from one another Ward 75 was obviously twice as numerous as Ward 74.  the superfluous re-makes were from both wards.  After consultation with the experts in the other rooms, consensus was that any ballots with the 'absentee numbers' (which should not be there)should be put in with the regular ballots if they had no absentee stamps or initials. In other words, they should disregard this innovation. another anomaly of this batch was  a number of 'bad ballot' numbers used on absentee ballots which were not in need of a remake.  I get the feeling that the counting will be a headache.The final batch of the night was a combined ward 64 and ward 82.   it was pretty straightforward separation into 6 categories--  64 regular, 82 regular, 64 absentee,  82 absentee, 64 remade,   82 remade.       The only real surprises were a number of Ward 64 ballots marked '46'   --  also some with no initials at all, rather than the single initial or the double initial of a standard ballot.  The signature free ones tended to have the creases that would inhibit machine reading.Katya Whiterabbit aka

Bob, Dane County

Very few changes. Attaching photos with counts of wards with plus or minus indicating the change. Most pickups were related to overvotes where voter wrote in the same candidate they voted for. Or possibly stray mark near an oval that caused machine not to read

Bob, Dane County

Just a note to indicate that because of the way they have divided up work, there is no real need to monitor the third room they added. It is being used solely to separate absentee from regular ballots so no count is done there. Meaning we are back to really needing just 4 people on the floor per shift. They are projecting Madison counting to go through the weekend and into Monday AM unless the pace changes.  The counting is going well with at most a change of a couple votes per ward.  I have observed 2:30-8:30 on both Monday and Wednesday (Dec 5,7).Bob

Judy, Dane County

Ward 79 included two absentee ballots from other wards, still in their envelopes.

Helgaleena, Dane County

The was a kerfuffle when I arrived at 5:30  because only 2 of the 4 who had signed up actually came.  But we were a basic minimum to cover the 2 main counting rooms and the folk leaving could do so with good heart.Ward 70 was just winding up in my room (354)  and yielded a grand total of 20 votes for Stein, 14 of them absentees.   Overall Clinton votes were double the Trump votes.Ward 40 was 3 sacks, one of which was all blank unvoted.  First count yielded 1043 absentees. The four persona assigned to large number of remakes and 'bad ballots' (88 of those) had 3 unaccounted for. A small pile of those missed accumulates next to the counters of the absentee ballots  but the 3 missing were located among the regular ballots during the candidate sorting.Regular ballots yielded again 2-1 Clinton to Trump, and even higher among the absentees, more like 7-1.  One double vote, one presidential blank vote, one write-in for a candidate instead of a checked box; this time for Johnson. A Respectable Pile of Jill votes--66 regular, 22 absentee, total 88!Moving on to Ward 86, bags were 1/3 uncounted blanks.  only 1948 filled in ballots of all sorts.  Note to locate a 'good ballot remade'-- found only a moment later .  :)Clinton votes overall 3 times the votes for Trump.  25 regular votes for Jill and 8 absentee for total 32 for Stein .  They seemed to have one extra Clinton ballot remade so attached a blank to it.My room was finished for the night so I nipped in to the other room and saw the final counts for Ward 85.  Not a large ward. Absentee ballots far outnumbered regular ballots.  The final total for Stein was 18.I assure you I am also sending these reports to the state zendesk site.Katya Whiterabbit

Rita, Dane County

I was observing officially on behalf of Clinton, but signed up thru the Stein website. The HRC rep didn't seem to have people on the floor so I pitched in. The counters did a good job, very clear and efficient. The only incident that gave me pause was the Trump lawyer handing a bag to the City Clerk which he then took back to the canvasser's table. I handed my observer reports to the HRC rep at the end of each day.

Pallette, Dane County

Date and time are shift NOT known place holders entered.Data taken over the phone.Always 2 extra votes.When the count was over three ballots remained in the machine.  The three votes were eliminated.  Observer noted they were Clinton votes.  Observer objected.Objection noted.

Jacquie, Dane County

The recount is now doing the wards of the City of Madison.  One ward was disrupted when someone pulled a fire alarm (it was on the news).  This resulted in something being set on top of some absentee ballots during evacuation.  Upon return, they were not found and not counted.  They were submitted to the recount.  The recount clerk explained to the observers.  We agreed they should be counted.  There were 20 such votes.  They were opened in front of us.  There were 19 for Clinton and 1 for Stein.

Jacquie, Dane County

One Township was messy and they hung in there until they found everything.  We were allowed to see everything.  Excellent job.