Jacquie, Dane County

I had a shift in Dane Co. today from 8:30-11:30am.  The people participating in the recount were very focused on doing a good job.  They were hand counting everything.  Nonetheless counting discrepancies occurred.  The recounting staff were persistent until they were resolved. The village of Shorewood Hills was completed with Clinton picking up one vote. Continue reading

Lewis, Dane County

The process seemed to proceed slowly but very methodically and diligently. Outside of the occasional human error (which was soon caught), I didn't notice any discrepancies in the ballot count. And I would like to applaud Dane County for proceeding with the hand-count which seems to be the only way to do this properly.

Judy, Dane County

My first recount!  It was fun!  The conscientiousness of the tabulators at the City-County Building in Madison made me proud to be a Madisonian. Continue reading