Dave, Racine County

I observed the first day of the recount in Racine County. The Board of Canvass voted unanimously to conduct the recount by Optiscan rather than by hand. I filed an objection on behalf of the campaign, arguing for a hand recount. The objection was recorded in the official minutes.

No votes were counted on the first day of the recount. Tabulators reconciled poll books, while the Board of Canvass reviewed absentee ballot envelopes.

I observed reconciliation of poll books from Caledonia and Mount Pleasant. I did not see any major discrepancies in the numbers, but Mount Pleasant had an unusually large number of absentee votes.  

Furthermore, voter numbers for many absentee voters in Mount Pleasant appeared to have been written in the poll book using pencil, rather than pen.

I contacted Village of Mount Pleasant Clerk Stephanie Kohlhagen via email about this and received the following response:

"When printing out additional pages of entries that was created after the poll book was printed the first time, the extra pages were printed in only one set not two like it should have. Once we realized that the second set of pages for the poll books was not copied but were already written on, we color copied the poll book pages that were missing so we would have identical poll books with identical pages and identical numbers. That is why one set; the Village’s set looks like pencil when in fact it is a color copy."

Using photocopied poll book pages may possibly have violated the requirement of Wis. Stat. 6.79 (1m) to maintain two separate poll lists.

I'm not sure whether anyone from the campaign wants to challenge this, but I have it in writing from the responsible official that this was done.