The Movement for Open Debates


 Polls show that over 75 percent of Americans support Open Debates. So why do debates continue to exclude candidates?

It is time that we take action to stop this fraud that the corporate parties are perpetuating. 

The Commission on President Debates is a veiled cover for the Democratic and Republican National Committees charged with preventing an actual competition of real ideas.

Join us in demanding open debates in your community, online, and at the sites of the 2016 debates. 

Together, Americans who care about grassroots democracy and a rigorous debate of ideas will stand up. The DNC and RNC can no longer lie to us about our options with fake political theatre run by their puppet debate commission. 


7 Ways to Build the Movement for Open Debates

1. Sign the Open the Debates Petition

Sign the petition to open the debates, and then share with your friends. The petition, with notable endorses, urges Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to participate in four-way debates with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. 

2. Take the Pledge of Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

Take the pledge to resist the theft of our democracy by participating in protests to open the debate process or engage in serious, peaceful, dignified civil disobedience. Read the full Call to Action letter by 2012 Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Cheri Honkala.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor

Compose a letter for your local newspaper explaining why Jill & Ajamu should be included in the debates. Use the talking points to assist you. 

4. Contact the Commission on Presidential Debate Board Members

The Board of Directors runs the Commission and has the ability to include all candidates who could win enough electoral votes to become President. However, they do not provide a way to reach individual members. These public figures can be reached in a variety of ways on social media, through their places of employment, or other places where they sit on the board. They uphold this rigged system, and we have a right to reach them and have them answer our questions. 

5. Find Grassroots Events in Your Area

Our Grassroots Events Calendar has user-submitted events across the country. From handing out Open the Debates flyers at the farmers market, to phonebanking parties, you can submit and find events near you. These events may also include demonstrations outside of TV stations to demand equal coverage for Jill & Ajamu or outside of locations affiliated with Commission board members such as universities where they work or sit on the Board of Trustees. 

6. Phonebank to Raise Debate Awareness

Our 1 Million Calls for Jill & Ajamu campaign currently focuses on calling people to encourage them to participate in grassroots organizing for the debates--by phonebanking, writing letters to the editor, online activism, and local events.

7. Educate Your Friends & Neighbors on the Fraudulent Debates

Read the history of of how the League of Women Voters withdrew from hosting the debates because of increasing control of the Republican and Democratic National Committee to silence real discussion of ideas. Find op-eds and articles written by prominent activists and thinkers on how the CPD silences democracy. See the latest polls that show Americans want inclusive debates. Share this information in person and online.


We can build a better future together.

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