Demand Open Debates! Contact the Debates Board Members.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is co-chaired by former high-ranking Republican and Democratic officials to ensure that the interests of the RNC & DNC are protected. However, the CPD is officially run by its Board of Directors, which includes more former Republican and Democratic officials as well as other prominent Americans to give it a veneer of legitimacy. If these board members do control debate decisions, then they uphold this rigged system, and we have a right to reach them and have them answer our questions publicly. 

We demand that they each step forward for public interview to answer the question:

Over 75% of Americans support Open Debates, do you? 

The Commission of Presidential Debates provides it contact information on its website. However, we know from past experiences that those emails go unread and calls go unreturned. Thus, we must pressure the individual members of the board to be publicly accountable for these fraudulent debates that the vast majority of Americans want to be open.

However, the Commission on Presidential Debates does not provide a way to reach individual members for them to be publicly accountable. Whether it be by social media, phone, email, or peaceful demonstration on-site, we will get the message to them that they cannot both support these sham debates and also stay hidden. This message may be delivered through direct contact information, or it may have to go through their places of employment as well as the corporations and universities where they also sit on the board

If 76 percent of Americans support open debates, then certainly some of the CPD Board of Directors do as well. We ask them to step forward publicly and ask for a public vote by the Board of Directors on open debates. Either way, these persons must be on record where they stand.


Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Michael D. McCurry, Former Press Secretary for Bill Clinton

  • Council at Public Strategies Washington (Washington, DC): 214-363-3990 or
  • Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC): @WesleyTheoSem or Contact Us/Location
  • He will teach a class this fall that gives his students the option to attend the 2nd Presidential debate in Saint Louis. 
  • Private Twitter account: @mmccurry.


Jimmy Carter, Former Democratic President

  • Founder of The Carter Center: Contact us
  • President Carter responds to letters: The Carter Center, 453 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30307.


Howard G. Buffett, Chairman/CEO, Howard G. Buffett Foundation

John C. Danforth, Former Republican U.S. Senator

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., Former Republican Governor

Charles Gibson, Former Host of Good Morning America; Former ABC News Anchor

  • (The Kaiser Family Foundation has previously been a sponsor of the debates.)
  • Former Host of Good Morning America: @GMA.

John Griffen, Managing Director of Allen & Company LLC

Jane Harman, Former Democratic Congresswoman

Antonia Hernandez, President/CEO, California Community Foundation

Reverend John I. Jenkins, President of University of Notre Dame

Jim Lehrer, Former PBS News Anchor

Newton N. Minow, Former Democratic Chair of the Federal Communications Commission

Richard D. Parsons, Former Chairman of Citigroup; Former Chairman & CEO of TimeWarner

Dorothy S. Ridings, Former President of the League of Women Voters

Olympia Snowe, Former Republican U.S. Senator

Shirley M. Tilghman, Former President of Princeton University



Janet H. Brown, Former Republican White House Staffer & Congressional Staffer (for CPD Member John C. Danforth)

  • Executive Director of Commission on Presidential Debates (Washington, DC):
  • Commission on Presidential Debates, 1200 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036.

We can build a better future together.

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