Dierdre, Eau Claire County

I attended this morning, from 9 am until the recount closed for lunch at noon.
I was unable to return after, as I had to go to my job.

Here's what I observed -
Procedure was followed without error.
I specifically watched poll books being reconciled, for Brunswick and Drammen, then the totals for the ballot counts.

There were a few minor errors in recording the poll books that were resolved with some attention to detail. Ballot totals for both towns were recounted and matched (except for Drammen which had an error of one vote difference) the original numbers.

What seemed out of place to me, was the fact that the totals from the recount do not match what is on the Wisconsin Election Commission Ward by Ward Report.

For example:

Ward by Ward Report for Brunswick
Total votes cast: 1048
Votes for Trump: 537
Votes for Clinton: 446

Recount for Brunswick
Total votes cast: 1062
Votes for Trump: 473
Votes for Clinton: 383

Ward by Ward Report for Drammen
Total votes cast: 422
Votes for Trump: 239
Votes for Clinton: 163

Recount for Drammen
Total votes cast: 431
Votes for Trump: 174
Votes for Clinton: 119

I do not have materials that were given out at the training this past Tuesday, so I've had to improvise a little.

I plan to return to return in the morning and will do better. I hope.