Donald, Dane County

Started in Room 357 - Board of Canvassers, 16 tabulators plus a head tabulator. One other Stein rep, 2 Clinton reps, 2 Trump reps. Moved to Room 354 around noon. Same setup with a Board of Canvassers, 16 tabulators with a head tabulator. One Stein rep, 2 Clinton reps also present.Both rooms were very quiet. No procedures were announced. If any issues arose, it was only whispered. Consequently, it was very difficult to know what was going on. Tallies were subtotaled by piles, then totaled - all whispered to the head tabulator.One significant irregularity arose. In Ward 83, 738 absentee envelopes were counted, but only 633 (?) ballots were counted and reported by the ward (missing about 100 ballots?)