Donald, Walworth County

Observed the recount procedure in Walworth County from 9 -4 on Dec 1-2 (Thu, Fri). Primary Rep for Jill Stein plus 2-3 other Stein candidate reps also showed up. Clinton and Trump reps were also there to observe. County Clerk, Kim Bushey, handled matters effectively, efficiently and transparently. She clearly announced the proceedings, issues, resolutions, motions and results as they unfolded. She allowed all candidate reps visual access to materials including photo and video recording. Observers from the general public had to observe from behind the yellow line. There were 2 tables of tabulators with about 8-10 at each table and a separate table with the Board of Canvassers, legal and technical team.

The first day ballots from each ward(s) were machine counted (optical scan machine: Accu-Vote). On the second day, the ballots were hand counted. Interestingly, the hand count was quicker. The reason: with the machine count, one person hand fed the ballots into a single machine, while the 15-20 tabulators waited during the process. With the manual count, all the tabulators were counting, recounting and double checking each others work and could get through the ballots quicker. The hand count also allowed the observers to watch over the tabulators shoulder to spot check accuracy of the vote and the count. This works well in a single office recount. It may not if several offices were under recount.
No major issues were identified and no objections made. Everything was clearly explained and the resolution discussed openly. But since the voting system is so decentralized in the county (as in WI), the possibility exists that problematic issues may arise as the recount proceeds.