Donald, Waushara County

Observed Waushara County Dec 5 (9-4), Dec 6 (9-4), Dec 7 (9-11). Recount completed Dec 7. There were no other candidate reps observing when I was there. There was one observer from the public on Dec 7.County Clerk, Melanie Stake and Deputy Clerk, Megan Kapp presided with two Board of Canvassers also present (one Democrat, one Republican). There were 5-6 tabulators attending in shifts each day.The Town of Marion and the City of Berlin were the only municipalities using optical scan machines. The others used DRE Edge machines. All the recounts were done by hand using either the ballots or the printed rolls.Several irregularities arose during the time I was there (I was told the recount of the prior two days went without a hitch):1. Town of Poy Sippi: It was noticed that all the printed machine rolls had "PRE LAT" written on them. Apparently, the town ran the election in "test mode". Clerk called Command Central. Advised to go forward with recount and see if numbers reconcile. They did. Those were the numbers reported.2. Town of Wautoma, Ward 1-3: During the election the paper roll was installed backward (machine #51638) They had to stop during the election to reinstall it. Five votes were recorded in the machine, but did not appear on the printed roll. Command Central was called - an auxiliary count had to be done. Machine #51638 was brought into the room, the cartridge was put in the aux port and a new printout was made. The numbers reconciled.3. Village of Plainfield: Apparently they didn't know how to seal the bag correctly. Only a thin blue strip was on the bag, not the full security strip. A bag from the primaries from the same village was brought in and it was incorrectly sealed as well.4. City of Berlin, Ward 4: Even though there were only 54 votes for the entire Ward (small ward, the other wards are in Green Lake County), 2 ballots were missing. Rep from the City of Berlin (Susie Thon) arrived, but no explanation could be given. Recount was done with the 52 available ballots.