Education – The Right to Learn

  • Reports estimate that more than 50 percent of girls in India fail to enroll in school and those who do are likely to drop out by the age of 12.

  • As in a series of other aspects, the girl child is also discriminated against extensively in the right to education, even basic at times.

Lack of education denies the girl child, the knowledge and skills needed to advance their status.          Education enables the child to realize her full potential, to think, question and judge independently; to be a wise decision-maker, develop civic sense and learn to respect, love his fellow human beings and to be a good citizen.

Figures also report that there is discrimination even in the field of higher education. At least a 40% of girls are not allowed to pursue higher studies, due to the conservative familial ideologies.


In 1994, the Government of India passed a universal female education bill that offers parents incentives for access and punishment for keeping a girl out of school.

In another important initiative, the government also announced free and reduced cost education for girls. The program has been designed with the aim to offer free education at high school level to all girls of single child families.

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