Eric, Douglas County

Here are a few of my observations during the recount in Douglas County, WI on Thursday 12/1/16.

  • I missed the name of the town where the first results were read, but when reading the results, they announced that on election night, Trump received 208 votes.  For the recount, Trump received 209 votes. Clinton received 140 votes for both counts.
  • For Amnicon, Wisconsin, there was one ballot missing during the recount. When the final tallies were announced, they said that on election night, Trump received 303 votes and received 303 votes during the recount. On election night, Clinton received 308 votes, however during the recount, Clinton received one less vote and was given a tally of 307 votes.
  • For Hawthorne, WI, the seal number on the bag did not match the seal number written on the label.  The seal number on the bag was 00057062 and the seal number written on the label was 0503474.
  • Also for Hawthorne, WI, it was announced by one official that the "envelopes were not sealed" for Hawthorne while she held two envelopes which were not sealed.
  • The ballot counters at one table were instructed to put ballots for McMullin in the "scattering" pile if his running mate was not listed as Johnson, and in that scenario would not be counted in the final tally for McMullin. I do not know if any write-in votes for McMullin were indeed placed into the "scattering" pile after the counters received this instruction.
  • There were 6 "re-made" ballots in one bag, but ballot counters were only able to find 5 of the 6 original ballots. "Re-made ballot #6" was set aside. "Re-made ballot #6" contained a vote for Clinton.