Eugene, Waukesha County

Are all wards with over votes being reported?ie Does the recount reporting system report each ward that has over-votes?I observed one ward in Waukesha County with 127 over-votes.I read one report on FB for one upstate ward with 85.The question is, is it worth over-vote in just 200 wards? I say yes, see below.I'm worried by the math associated with over-votes.And there are many wards with over-votes.When over-votes are detected, a random "draw down" takes place.Thus if a ward was stuffed with 100 ballots, at random 100 ballots will be drawn and discarded before votes are counted.Thus =  If a ward had 1,400 ballots and only 1,300 certified voters, 100 ballots will be discarded.Math - A ward vote assumed to be 50%/50% = 700/700.BUT, should have been candidate 'C' 700 / candidate 'D' 600;"Random "draw down" would discard 50 votes for candidate 'C' and 50 for candidate 'D'. (again assuming 50%/50%)Leaving 'C' with 650 and 'D' with 650, RATHER than 700 for 'C' & 600 for 'D'.Remember 'C' should have had 700 and 'D' only 600 but now it's 650/650 after the result of the prescribed "draw-down"..Possible end result in just 200 wards = 'C' loses 10,000 votes AND 'D' gains 10,000.A 20,000 VOTE SING.Thus a 20,000 vote swing is easy by not being vigilant.