Eugene, Wisconsin County

Monday report after returning from Waukesha WI Recount HQ.
- The ballot counting is now done by one very fast and seemingly accurate ESS stack feeder that separates questionable ballots onto 3 levels, including "Blank" ballots (those without a vote for any presidential candidate).
The Blank vote ballots are now visible and double and even triple checked. And easy to see by observers.
All the work is now going very quickly. 
The people who up to today had to hand feed each ballot, are now at tables doing the ballot accounting work. There is no problem with the one (1) ESS machine keeping up with the table work.
The ESS unit, I'm told is the same as used in Milwaukee, were I've not heard of any problems.
However, because many wards did not zero out, there are quite a few that need "draw downs". One was had 128 ballots to many. But it was caught.
summary - All now seems well in Waukesha. (may be all the vigilant reporting & ph calls helped)
But I'm not there every hour. 
We need more people to report.