Change Your Profile Photo—Change Minds

What has kept the two-party trap glued together is pure perception manufactured by:

  • the media blackout;
  • rampant underpolling of young people, poor people and independent voters;
  • corporate-media comedians who marginalize us; and
  • millions of dollars invested in making sure we fall in line with the Democratic and Republican parties. 

But what if people knew you supported the Green Party? You might change enough minds to subvert this election!

Show your friends you've broken out of the two-party trap—download these photos and upload them as your profile photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

By showing your Stein/Baraka pride, you can encourage people to vote Green on November 8!


5.png 1.png 9.png 7.png 6.png 3.png 2.png 8.png 4.png 11.png 10.png 14_(1).png 12.png SBFBPic.png 14.png 17.png 16.png Green_Glitter.png


Here's how to save a Stein/Baraka logo to your computer:


Here's how to upload photos to various social media platforms:



We can build a better future together.