What's Your Favorite Stein/Baraka Policy?

Over 4,300 of our supporters cast their ballot in the Why I’m Voting Green poll! Using the ranked-choice voting method, we had 8 rounds of votes calculated and redistributed until we found our winner -- the candidate that got over 50% of the votes.* See our first and last round below:

Vote Green 1.PNG

First Round:

Vote Green 2.PNG

Final Round:

Vote Green 4.PNG

Click here to see the round-by-round count of votes. (this link will take you to Round One. Click “Next Round” to see who got defeated in each round and how votes were redistributed)


So what was Stein/Baraka supporters’ top reason to Vote Green?

“I want to vote for a party with principles and policies I believe in”

What does that tell us? It tells us that Greens are taking democracy back into their hands by voting FOR something -- and someone -- they believe in, rather than playing into the two-party trap and voting AGAINST a candidate they dislike. Thank you for standing up with us!

*Still not sure exactly how ranked-choice voting (also known as instant runoff voting) works? Click here to learn more from our friends at DemoChoice.


Vote in our final poll:


What is your favorite Stein/Baraka policy?


Vote in our next and FINAL ranked-choice voting poll: Rank your favorite Stein/Baraka policies in your order of preference!

We want to hear your thoughts on which Stein/Baraka policy makes Jill and Ajamu most stand apart in the 2016 Election. Below are the possible answers that you can rank in order of preference:

Stand with Standing Rock Land & Water Protectors
Abolish Student Debt
Medicare for All
Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice
Green New Deal
Ranked Choice Voting & Electoral Reform
End War as Foreign Policy


We’ll announce the winner on Monday, just before Election Day!



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Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) is on the ballot as a statewide initiative in Maine. If adopted, this means that RCV will be used to elect officials in Maine. It is also an opportunity for Maine to serve as a model for what the electoral process could be -- and potentially spark a transformation of the voting system across the country! See “Question 5” on the Maine.gov website to see this and other statewide initiatives you can vote for on Tuesday in Maine!

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