Meet Jill Stein... The Candidate You Can Believe In

Have you heard about Jill Stein?

She's the Green Party Presidential Candidate that is exploding in the media! 

Once you know Jill, you'll realize... Trump and Clinton are not your only choices for president.

In fact, they're the two most unpopular candidates to ever run for the nation's highest post!

Jill Stein, on the other hand, is the candidate you can believe in. She's the only one backing the kinds of common-sense policies American's are on record as supporting. With that in mind here is...

The Best Video You can Use To Persuade
Someone That It's Fine to Legaliza Marijuana

Jill Stein supports legalization of marijuana in all 50 states.

Jill takes a common sense approach to marijuana. She believes in legalizing marijuana/hemp in all 50 states, and treating marijuana as a medical issue, not a moral one.

When asked if marijuana and other drugs should be legalized, here's a sample of Jill's common-sense:

"As president, I wouldn't want to remove all laws against all drug use. But marijuana is a drug that is dangerous because it's illegal. It isn't illegal because it's dangerous. There are drugs in use that are far more harmful than marijuana -- such as alcohol. Legalize marijuana and the dangers go away. Regulate it so that children can't buy it on the street corner."

As president, Jill Stein will:

1.) Decriminalize marijuana
2.) Release non-violent drug offenders and offer them treatment
3.) Abolish private prisons
4.) Abolish "3 Strikes" laws
5.) Abolish the death penalty
6.) Abolish mandatory sentencing
7.) Stop prison construction
8.) Provide alternatives to incarceration
9.) Stop the racist war on drugs
10.) Demilitarize the police and let communities control them,
rather than the other way around.




If you believe in:

  • Addressing climate change
  • Legalizing marijuana nationally
  • Abolishing ALL student loan debt (and free college tuition)
  • Regulating GMOs and reining in Monsanto
  • Racial Justice, Black Lives Matter, and Ending Police Brutality

Then join us!


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As Jill says... It's in our hands!"

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We can build a better future together.