Meet Jill Stein... The Candidate You Can Believe In

Have you heard about Jill Stein?

She's the Green Party Presidential Candidate that is exploding in the media! 

Once you know Jill, you'll realize... Trump and Clinton are not your only choices for president.

In fact, they're the two most unpopular candidates to ever run for the nation's highest post!

Jill Stein, on the other hand, is the candidate you can believe in. She's the only one backing the kinds of common-sense policies American's are on record as supporting... 

Jill Stein - Vote Your Values

... If you can't vote your values, into your vote, then democracy is lost at sea, we have no moral compass, and that's exactly where we are now  ...

Jill Stein - Announcement

... The biggest way people give up power, is by not knowing we have it to start with ... 


Donations to Jill Stein Rise By Over 1000% After #BernExit

... After Bernie Sanders alienated a large share of his supporters by endorsing establishment favorite Hillary Clinton, some of his former faithful are getting behind Green Party candidate Jill Stein, whose campaign donations have jumped by 1,000 percent ...

Jill2016 is the Last Clean Money Campaign Left Standing
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Jill Stein does not accept a dime 
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Every donation is from an individual like you.

Our average donation is $48 and the most 
any individual can contribute is $2700 under federal election laws.

Will you join the thousands of other working Americans 
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Please give today.

As Jill says... It's in our hands!"