Final Stretch

With less than two weeks left, here are 15 ways to get out the vote for Jill and Ajamu:

  1. Tell your friends what 5 percent gets the Green Party!
  2. Our campaign is funded by YOU. Max out your campaign contributions at $2,700... or consider giving $29 for Stein.
  3. Set up a personal fundraising page and ask friends to contribute to help you get a phone call from Jill!
  4. Pledge your vote for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.
  5. Organize local events for volunteers! Post them in local social media groups and let your state coordinators know, too.
  6. Get involved with your state organizers to volunteer on the ground in various ways.
  7. Phonebank for Jill and Ajamu—or textbank.
  8. Print out Stein/Baraka flyers and distribute them in your community.
  9. Like Jill on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Then change your profile picture to show your support!
  10. Don't forget about following Ajamu on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  11. Share our YouTube videos.
  12. Learn about Jill's policy positions.
  13. Learn how to prevent "spoilers".
  14. Write a letter to the media about why earning 5 percent of the vote is crucial for democracy!
  15. Learn how to write-in Jill's name on the ballot for voters in North Carolina, Georgia and Indiana. North Carolinians can also kick off the 2020 signature drive November 8. (It's a tough state!)
  16. Learn the truth about common attacks on our campaign and help us fight the misinformation!
  17. Get the answers to frequently asked questions to help you convince your friends and family to vote Green!
  18. Read and share the latest articles from Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka and other Greens and allies about what's at stake in this election.
  19. See the growing list of endorsements for Jill and Ajamu!
  20. Inform yourself and others about ranked choice voting, a simple reform that would end vote-splitting, reduce negative campaigning, and open the door for healthy multi-party democracy.



Image: WBEZ Chicago



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