Flyering Blitz and Handouts for Jill's visit on the 14th

Jill is coming to Maine and we want as many people to know about it as possible!!!  A small group of Jill supporters will be gathering at Congress Square Park in Portland Maine at 6pm to hand out flyering materials and then we will be setting off to flyer as much of Portland as possible!  Any additional volunteers are absolutely welcome to join us and help is much appreciated.  The goal is to leave no pole or brick wall unflyered on all of the peninsula.  We will discuss routes and possibly be split up into small groups (depending on how many folks show up) or we'll just set out on foot individually and try to cover as much ground as possible. 

We also would like to have some folks stand at key points along Congress Street and hand out event flyers to passers-by.

It will be considered a great success if even a few extra folks help out:)

****ALSO It will be extremely helpful if you could bring any of the following supplies: a staple gun / some packing tape / some tacks / and any promo Jill materials that you may have to hand out or post.  there will be quite a few flyers but only limited quantity of posting supplies for use.  also if you are willing to contribute to the cost of printing flyers that would be extremely helpful.  we've run many copies to start but the more the better and we've pretty much exceeded our budget for this project.  Photocopies are not cheep but the cause is worth it!

Be sure to wear any JILL STEIN or GREEN PARTY tshirts or pins etc.!

and look for the Jill Stein Sign Holders:)

Will you come?