Flyering for Jill Stein at Pack Square -Asheville, NC

For questions or to get in touch with our local group, here's the event on our Western NC Green Party FB page:

The Western NC Green Party will host Flyering for Jill Stein this Sunday at Pack Square in Asheville, NC ----wear your green and come out to help spread the word!~
We will provide flyers for any who come out to help.

****We will also be recording a video titled "Why are you a Jill Stein supporter?." We'll ask people this question to create social media clips to help inform the world of why we support our candidate. If you want to be on video please keep the message positive! ~ 

Find us near Vance Monument in Pack Square which is bordered by Broadway, Market and College Streets in downtown Asheville.

****Please use the Invite tools to invite friends from our group (esp) and beyond. FB is quite restrictive with the number of invites we each get these days so it will take many of us to get our whole group invited and share this event as well.  

Will you come?