Fundraise for Jill & Ajamu


With Election Day approaching, a recent Politico poll shows us at 5 percent! We are on the threshold of making history together. Achieving 5 percent of the national vote will qualify the Green Party for $8 million or more in federal funding for 2020—as well as automatic ballot lines in over half of the states across the country. That is game-over for the two-party corporate duopoly.

Help us get there by fundraising from your friends, family, and online networks by setting up your own customized fundraising page on 

Click here and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your personal page.

Supporters who raise over $750 will get a signed picture of Jill, and those who raise over $1,500 will receive a 15-minute phone call with Jill and the signed photo! (When you reach one of these markers, simply email

We are a people-powered campaign that does not take money nor orders from corporations and Super PACs. Please tell your friends and social networks about the Stein/Baraka campaign and ask them to contribute to put people, planet and peace over profit! 

Let them know that any amount helps. Many people like to give #29forStein!

Thanks for your efforts in building a future and a political system that works for all of us—not just for corporations and other political parties that serve them.



We can build a better future together.