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02/15/2017 Fireside Chat with Jill Stein: Two Victories Against the Trump Regime

On tonight's Fireside Chat, we'll talk about two very important victories this week for the resistance against the Trump regime: the resignation of Mike Flynn and Andrew Puzder's withdrawal from the Labor Secretary nomination. Collective action gets the goods!

02/13/2017 Democracy In Action: Imam Paul Hasan on Fighting Back Against the Proposed Muslim Registry

Join David Cobb in conversation with Imam Paul Hasan of Interfaith Ministries on resisting Trump's dangerous, xenophobic Muslim registry.

02/09/2017 GNN Presents: Special DAPL Report From Steve Martin of the Ojibwe Nation

Join Jill for a special conversation with pipeline engineer Steve Martin, who is of the Ojibwe nation. We discuss the latest updates on the Dakota Access Pipeline, the dangers the pipeline poses, and what you can still do to help the fight to stop DAPL in its tracks!

02/08/2017 Fireside Chat with Jill Stein: DAPL, DeVos and Sessions

There's a lot of breaking news to talk about, including DAPL, DeVos, Sessions and more – and a lot we can do to join in the growing resistance to Trump and his cronies' agenda.

02/07/2017 GNN Presents: Jill Stein With Cheri Honkala

Jill talks to Cheri Honkala, Green Candidate for PA State Rep for District 197! Find out more and support Cheri's campaign at !

02/06/2017 Democracy In Action: Green Party Candidates, Breaking Open the Debates and Voting Justice

David Cobb discusses two exciting Green Party candidates, the lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates and voting justice conferences. Plus Q&A.

02/02/2017 A Voice from the Margins: Margaret Flowers on Single Payer Healthcare

Single Payer Healthcare: How do we make it happen? Ajamu Baraka discusses the possibilities with's Margaret Flowers MD, a pediatrician-turned-healthcare activist.

02/01/2017 Fireside Chat with Jill Stein: First Two Weeks of Trump and Resistance

On tonight’s Fireside Chat, we’ll discuss the first two extraordinary weeks of the Trump regime, and the incredible and beautiful resistance movement that has already won several victories in blocking his destructive agenda. There is a new force on the political stage - and it’s not represented by either the Democrats or Republicans. Let’s talk about how we can build on these struggles for a strong resistance and a better future!

01/31/2017 Special Broadcast: Jill Stein with Kenneth Mejia for Congress

My conversation with Kenneth Mejia for Congress, who's running for the House of Representatives in Los Angeles! Tune in for our conversation and find out how you can help us get a Green into Congress!

01/26/2017 A Voice From the Margins: Jamil Dakwar (ACLU)

Human Rights Under Trump? Tonight, Green Party 2016 vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka chats with Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU Nationwide Human Rights Program about what human rights looks like now in the United States. Follow Jamil on Twitter: