Grand Rapids Gathering of the Greens and Jill/Ajamu Supporters

As so many of us learned from Bernie's words and example, this political revolution, as any, requires active involvement from many.
This is a unique moment, and all signs point to it being an optimal time to grow a third party in this country, a party that truly represents the people.
The four pillars of the Green Party are grassroots political and economic democracy, nonviolence, social justice, and ecological sustainability.
If these represent your political vision, the Green Party welcomes you!
(By the way, I was a major Berner, was a delegate for Bernie in Philadelphia, will love Bernie forever, and am all-in for Jill and Ajamu, and the Green Party, now.)
I know this is short notice, and my house is not YUUGE, but I hope you can come so we can meet as many of each other as possible this time round! 

Our intentions for coming together this week:

--To share with each other what we know about the significance of Jill's campaign and related issues

--To share personal knowledge candidates down-ticket, Greens and Berniecrats, to be aware of and promote

--To share strategies we have been using, and maybe come up with others, together

--To promote Jill's appearances in Detroit and Ypsilanti the next day and help people hook up to car pool
--To encourage fliering at GRCC and GV and encourage people to make commitments to do so. Every hour matters!
--To plan highly visible Jill and Ajamu sign-waving events before the election
--To get bumper stickers, pins, fliers, signs into all willing hands!
--To give all of us an opportunity to connect with each other so that we can accomplish all of the above, and
            1.) we can get to know fellow political activists, and
            2.) we have a core to start from after the election, for all the work that will be needed from then on
Bring a snack, if you want. We'll provide some, too. 
Directions: We live in East Hills, 714 Kellogg, the green house with front porch and lots of yard signs, across the street from the Lutheran church. Kellogg is a two block long street between Lake Dr. and Cherry St. Our block is between Packard and Eastern. 
  • October 27, 2016 at 7pm – 9pm
  • my home
    714 Kellogg St SE
    Grand Rapids , MI 49503
    United States
    Google map and directions
  • Leesha


Will you come?