Helgaleena, Dane County

I covered 2 shifts (8 hours) in one of the 2 recount rooms.

I was able to see the Township of Madison 3rd bundle sorting and count. Nearly half of the batch were absentee ballots. There were several overvotes which had to be subtracted. Overwhelming for Clinton, 11 to 1 vs. Trump. Also 70 votes total for Jill!

Meanwhile the other room was handling the rather large Village of McFarland and Town of Westport. I overheard that in Westport there were 28 for Stein.

Next was the small bag from the Town of Christiania Trump 320, Clinton 363, 3 for Jill.

Then came Town of Albion, 2 bags full. Clinton and Trump pretty even, around 600 Clinton and around 500 Trump. Nearly all the 'other' ballots were Johnson, but 15 for Jill.

Then the Village of Rockdale, an extremely small sack. 40 for Trump, 60 for Clinton, none for 'other'.

The decision was made to begin the City of Madison early, which will be shared between the rooms. There is talk of opening a 3rd room for this, which will receive ballots pre-sorted from the other 2. How will this affect our volunteers needed???

The first sack sorted contained 900 regular ballots, 448 absentee, around 25 'remade' ballots, and at least one double vote. City of Madison causes headaches because they sometimes run out of absentee ballots and then initial them a certain way, or conversely they run out of regular ballots and run absentee ballots through the machines. Hence the wish for the pre-sorting specialization.

I agreed to speak to a media person from China from this page:  globus.caixin.com/ I tried to explain what we were after with the re-count --- the 5% funding threshhhold!-- and that we were volunteers and there were dirty tricks in Waukesha County especially but not here. I explained that we were catching 'human error' such as voting for 2 presidents.