Helgaleena, Dane County

I was able to be there for the 5:0-8:30 shift, which was fortunate because then we had 3 persons to monitor all 3 rooms. I was in the room handling Ward 37 of City of Madison, while in the second room they could not find one bag belonging to Ward 32, when there were supposed to be 3 bags. Several piles were begun in our room against the wall for incomplete wards. The missing sacks are expected to be found at the very bottom of the pile; there are nearly 120 wards in Madison.

The 3rd room is dedicated to pre-sorting regular from absentee ballots. This saves time , for the other 2 rooms; however it is not perfect and much trading between regular and absentee teams still happens before the first count is taken. Previous observers didn't send a person to 3rd room as no counting takes place there, but some of us feel it also needs monitoring and many creative things can be done to change ballots/ counts at that stage.

Ward 37 was around 2000 ballots total. One was an over-vote and discarded; Clinton outnumbered Trump 3-1; Trump votes roughly equaled all 'other' candidates. 28 votes for Jill. Note: I have not seen Trump win a ward yet in all these days. It's only in rural towns that his counts even roughly equal Clinton's.

The second room was combining several small wards -38,112, 118-- to finish up their day while we did the much larger Ward 41. This ward was about 45% absentee; I think it's because early voting was allowed at public libraries this year. 1082 absentee, including61 re-made ballots from e-voting. The absentees were almost all for Clinton, perhaps 85%. Regular votes totaled 1276 including a nice stack of 58 Jill votes. Grand total 2198.

We finished and were dismissed before the 2nd room, so I went in to notice that the combined wards produced 16 absentee ballots for Jill, but I didn't get the grand total or the 'regular' Jill total.

I plan to monitor the 3rd room on the 5:30-8:30 shift on Dec. 7 because they are otherwise covered. I can't get there earlier on weekdays.