Helgaleena, Dane County

5:30-8:30 pm shift. I came specifically to monitor the new 3rd room where pre-sorting takes place, to get a better idea of this step. I arrived as they were concluding with Ward 60. The re-made ballots included some regular ballots that had jammed in the machine during count.  There were also among the 'bad ballots' supposedly remade five without corresponding numbers. Consensus was to send them on to the next room with a note.  The  table was then bagged and wheeled in to the main count area.The only counting done in this area is to make certain that each remade ballot from an e- vote or damaged ballot has a corresponding numbered original. Some absentee ballots also contain proofs of ID or imaginative inclusions-- all discarded/destroyed after examination by the supervisor.For Ward 61 I counted five bags on the trolley and the red pouch of envelopes and 'remades'  .. They predicted a full 1/3 of them would be absentee ballots.  A number of them were designated 'improvised ballots' the room supervisor agreed she had no idea what that might mean.In this ward, they ran out of 'good ballot' and 'bad ballot ' stickers around #150 and began also at this high number to use numbers more than once, probably inadvertently, which by consensus was going to have to be solved in the other rooms later.In contradiction to the noted vote totals the absentee ballots far outnumbered the regular ballots.  I thought perhaps the imbalance would be changed by the next batch of ballots, but I was told that the other 3 bags were blanks. It's policy for all blank ballots to be bagged and sent along like this. That was it for Ward 61.They did this same procedure for Ward 62, separating election day ballots from the absentee ballots and verifying matches for each remade ballot.Ward 63 contained only 2 bags of marked ballots out of 6 bags, the rest being blanks.  Two remade ballots were also missing from this batch, and one noted as 'entered in error' at the polling place, whatever that signifies.The final batch of the night was combining 2 smaller wards,  82 and 65.  A peculiarity of these wards, which I was told were in a university student area, were absentee ballots arriving two in an envelope with one left entirely blank.  The polling place then discarded the blank rather than bagging it.   This batch was also quite high in absentee ballots, twice as many as regular ballots.Katya Whiterabbit aka