Helgaleena, Dane County

The was a kerfuffle when I arrived at 5:30  because only 2 of the 4 who had signed up actually came.  But we were a basic minimum to cover the 2 main counting rooms and the folk leaving could do so with good heart.Ward 70 was just winding up in my room (354)  and yielded a grand total of 20 votes for Stein, 14 of them absentees.   Overall Clinton votes were double the Trump votes.Ward 40 was 3 sacks, one of which was all blank unvoted.  First count yielded 1043 absentees. The four persona assigned to large number of remakes and 'bad ballots' (88 of those) had 3 unaccounted for. A small pile of those missed accumulates next to the counters of the absentee ballots  but the 3 missing were located among the regular ballots during the candidate sorting.Regular ballots yielded again 2-1 Clinton to Trump, and even higher among the absentees, more like 7-1.  One double vote, one presidential blank vote, one write-in for a candidate instead of a checked box; this time for Johnson. A Respectable Pile of Jill votes--66 regular, 22 absentee, total 88!Moving on to Ward 86, bags were 1/3 uncounted blanks.  only 1948 filled in ballots of all sorts.  Note to locate a 'good ballot remade'-- found only a moment later .  :)Clinton votes overall 3 times the votes for Trump.  25 regular votes for Jill and 8 absentee for total 32 for Stein .  They seemed to have one extra Clinton ballot remade so attached a blank to it.My room was finished for the night so I nipped in to the other room and saw the final counts for Ward 85.  Not a large ward. Absentee ballots far outnumbered regular ballots.  The final total for Stein was 18.I assure you I am also sending these reports to the state zendesk site.Katya Whiterabbit