How To Watch Annular Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016 - The African Ring of Fire Aka 2016 Annular Solar Eclipse Event

A rare event is going to happen on September 01, 2016 and bear witness to the African Annular Solar Eclipse 2016, were most part of the continent of Africa will be covered and visible on Thursday were a Ring of Fire will rise and set over the African continent, as an Annular Solar Eclipse passes over a large portion of the globe. Aka Annular Solar Eclipse, the ring of fire will begin at one end of the continent, very early in the morning, and end on the other side, off the coast of the famous island of Madagascar. While the full eclipse will only be visible along a very thin line through central Africa, partial phases will be visible on nearly the entire continent. If you can't make it in going to Africa, that's fine because a live feed will show you on how to watch the annular solar eclipse as well as where to watch it online via live streaming online. Make no mistake, The Partial Eclipse visibilty covers Africa, Indian Ocean while Annular Eclipse perse covers Atlantic, central Africa and Madagascar. So the rest of Africa will just enjoy a partial solar eclipse on September 1st, from Aswan, Egypt (where you'd see a tiny 3% of the Sun's disk covered) to 69% coverage in Nairobi, Kenya, to 40% in Pretoria, South Africa. Be warned! since you will be looking an obscured sun, it is always to be cautious and always put safety goggles or to avoid eye damage and blindness, you should probably sport some protective eye-wear or wear an eclipse glasses just to make sure.

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