How will you use surplus funds?

If we raise more than what's needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.

As Jill said in a recent Cosmopolitan magazine Q&A:

"...Money is all raised and deposited into a dedicated and segregated account. The donor list, by the way, will be made public by the Federal Election Commission and that will happen this week. The rules for donations are basically the same rules that we used to fundraise with as a political campaign: that is a maximum donation of $2,700. However, we know that the average donation is approximately $47 or $48 and that there have been over 150,000 donors."

"...what we would be actually very excited about doing is having every contributor vote on a set of options for exactly how that money would be spent so that it could be a participatory democratic process whereby the donors decide and we would use a voting system that we think should be used all the time—you rank your choices and that way we could come up with one or more options for exactly who those funds will be spent according to the wishes of the donors."

Please read a more complete description of the participatory, ranked choice voting process here.