We're on the Ballot in Illinois!



To everyone who contributed to the successful, historic Illinois Green Party petition drive in 2016:


We at the Jill Stein campaign are so incredibly impressed at the hard work you all put in to get ballot access for the Green Party candidates this year.

We blew right past what we originally thought was an optimistic goal of 45,000 signatures by June 27. Turning in 50,000 signatures on Monday was monumental. ILGP_ballot_access.jpg

It not only highlights the intense work you all put in – party "oldtimers" and newcomers alike – but it also points to the fact that everyday Illinois voter are ready for the positive change that the Green Party and our candidates represent.

While we are not neglecting the fact that there could be a challenge to our petitions, the fact is that with 50,000 signatures, it is extremely likely that we will survive any challenge.

Now we can begin the work to build on this successful petition drive. With two of the most disliked, dishonest and corrupt “major party" Presidential candidates in US History (and that is saying a lot) – the Illinois Green Party's Presidential, Senate, and Comptroller candidates have a golden opportunity to maximize their vote count, keep ballot access into the future, and build strong and lasting local and state parties.

Personally, I was especially impressed by the organizational model in Illinois, with regional coordinators in much of the state, and a functionaing communication system that got things done. The mad dash, overnight convergence on Springfield after an intense day of petitioning, collecting and scrubbing is an effort that won’t soon be forgotten.

Our thanks go out to state coordinator Nancy Wade, all of the regional coordinators, tech people, attorneys, support staff, and every one of the petitioners who made this happen.

on behalf of the Jill Stein Campaign
Rick Lass
Ballot Access Coordinator




How to Sign the Illinois Petition These Last Few Days


The last day to sign the petition to get Dr. Jill Stein for President and our other Green Party candidates on the ballot in Illinois is Sunday June 26th.  Here are the options for registered Illinois voters who have not already signed the petition:

1) Drop by your regional petition notarizing and turn-in party and sign the petition.

2) Contact your regional petitioning team leader and make arrangements to sign the petition. There is a list of regional team leaders on the petitioning page.



If you cannot meet up with a Team Leader, please contact Nancy Wade, nwade@greenpartychicago.org, for a drop-off.

If you are in the Chicago area, the absolute last chance to turn in petitions is here:

Pop-Up Petitioning Office
Sunday June 26th
10am - Midnight
Second Unitarian Church of Chicago
656 W Barry Ave., Chicago, IL
Facebook Event



Here's how you can get started to help get Jill Stein and the Green Party on the ballot in Illinois. We need volunteers to collect signatures from registered voters in Illinois on a specific petitioning sheet. All the information you need to self-start is available on this page, including how to get connected with other petitioners in your state.

First, please click here to make sure you've signed up at our volunteer page to get to Jill on the ballot. Check the box “I will petition to get Jill Stein on the ballot.”



In Illinois, we have until June 26 to collect 45,000 signatures to get Jill Stein and the Illinois Green Party (ILGP) state slate on the ballot. Here is the ILGP state slate:

President: Jill Stein
Vice-President: William P. Kreml
U.S. Senate: Scott Summers
State Comptroller: Tim Curtin

Downloadable Resources

• Petition Sheet *
Official ILGP Petitioning Guide and Tips 2016
Jill2016 Campaign Flyer
Jill and ILGP State Slate Flyer
8.5 x 11 inch Petitioning Display Sign

* In Illinois, completed petition sheets must be notarized. Contact your statewide coordinator and regional team leaders for information on notarizing your completed sheets.


Statewide Coordinator

Nancy Wade
Illinois Ballot Access Coordinator — Jill2016
Phone: 872-216-2938
Email: nwade@greenpartychicago.org

Walter Pituc
Assistant Ballot Access Coordinator — Jill2016
Email: waltergreenparty@gmail.com


Regional Team Leaders

Chicago North
Nancy Wade, nwade@greenpartychicago.org, 872-216-2938
Chicago North Petitioning Calendar

Chicago South
Zonda Carriel, zdcarriel@gmail.com
Michael Braboy, michaelbraboy@gmail.com
Chicago South Petitioning Calendar

Evanston/Skokie Area
George Milkowski, gmilkowski@sbcglobal.net
Evanston/Skokie Petitioning Calendar

Oak Park Area
Rita Maniotis, ritamaniotis@yahoo.com
Tim Curtin, nmc-tpc@sbcglobal.net
Oak Park Petitioning Calendar

Rockford Area
David Black, dblack107@aol.com
Rockford Petitioning Calendar

Dupage County
Steve Alesch, steve.alesch@dupagegreens.org
Dupage County Petitioning Calendar

McHenry County
Scott Summers, scottksummers@gmail.com
McHenry County Petitioning Calendar

Sheldon Schafer, sschafer7@comcast.net
Peoria Petitioning Calendar

David Green, davegreen84@yahoo.com
Champaign-Urbana Petitioning Calendar

Chris Blankenhorn, blankenhorn.chris@gmail.com
Springfield Petitioning Calendar

Rich Whitney, richwhitney@frontier.com
Carbondale Petitioning Calendar

Online Resources

Illinois Green Party petitioning calendar — scroll to the bottom and see all the group petitioning events, though you are welcome to find your own times and places and friends to petition with as well!

Illinois Green Party Facebook group

Illinois Green Party website

Illinois Green Party Facebook page

Illinois Green Party Twitter

Illinois for Jill Stein Facebook page


We can build a better future together.