Susan, Jackson County

Blackman Twp Precint 5Clinton 404 before recount 404 after. Trump 486 before recount 486 after. Johnson 35 before recount 35 after. Stein 16 before recount 16 after. Castle 7 before 8 after. 13 not counted due to no party or candidate for President marked. No challenges. Also observed part of recount for Grass Lake Twp Precinct 3. 4 ballots not counted due to no party or candidate marked for President. After recount 3 for Castle, 1 for Soltysik, 5 for Stein and 34 for Johnson. Didn't observe count of Clinton or Trump. No challenges. Didn't note vote totals before recount.

Colleen, Jackson County

Overall the tone was friendly and cooperative. Of the three precincts I observed (4-2, concord pct 1 & sandstone township 3) being recounted in all but one everyone worked together and there were no challenges in any of them. Results changed slightly in two (Stein gained one vote and Trump 2) and were upheld in the third. While there were some ballots without votes for a candidate for president, the overall number was very small. Everyone seemed to understand the criteria and questions were easily and satisfactorily resolved. Every vote was counted! Continue reading

Marian, Jackson County

All went smoothly

Ruth, Jackson County

Jackson County, Ward 3, Precint 3. Hillary Clinton picked up one more vote. Jackson County, Blackman Township, Precinct #2. No changes to vote tallies. Continue reading

Judy, Jackson County

Leoni-Precinct 3Before Recount After RecountClinton-363 363Trump-642 642Johnson-50 50Stein-13 13Castle-1 1Soltysik-0 0Total-1069 1069

Judy, Jackson County

Sandstone/ Precinct 1 NWBefore Recount After RecountClinton-227 227Trump-577 577Johnson-45 45Stein-8 8Castle-4 4Soltysik-o 0Total-861 861

Judy, Jackson County

Blackman; Precinct-AVCB-4Before Recount After RecountClinton-170 170Trump-194 194Johnson-11 11Stein-2 2Castle-2 2Soltysik-0 0

Kellison, Jackson County

total votes 930 before afterClinton 203 204Trump 647 648Johnson 53 53Stein 12 12