Jacquie, Dane County

I had a shift in Dane Co. today from 8:30-11:30am.  The people participating in the recount were very focused on doing a good job.  They were hand counting everything.  Nonetheless counting discrepancies occurred.  The recounting staff were persistent until they were resolved.

The village of Shorewood Hills was completed with Clinton picking up one vote.

When I left today the village of Black Earth was not resolved.  They had certified more votes than the recounters could find ballots (1 to 3 depending on whose figure was used).  Because the same machine is used for the village and for the town of Black Earth, the group was moving on to town of Black Earth in the hopes of finding the additional ballot/s.  My shift was done and the next observers took over.

I am willing to do more shifts if I can find out whose in charge in Dane Co.

Plus I researched some material that would help Dane Co. Observers and have attached that material.

  1. A list of the certified votes in Dane county so that observers can note discrepancies.

  2. A form that observers can use for each set of ballots reviewed.

Please feel free to use these as you wish.