Jill Showed America What a Real President Looks Like

Jill 2016





stein1.jpgLast night, across the Internet, Jill Stein - a woman of true substance and integrity - stood up and showed America what a real president looks like. She once again proved that there is no reason to “hold your nose and vote Hillary” or “stay at home because Bernie is gone.”

Here are some notable quotes:

“The answer to our problems - war, immigration, security, economy, climate change, etc. is - we’ve got to stop causing the problems in the first place.”

“A friend of Wall Street is not who we need to put into the White House...remember who got the economy into the mess it’s in right now.”

“If we, as a country, can bail out Wall Street with its waste, fraud and abuse, then we need to bail out the students who are the future of this country.”

Jill and the Green Party are engaged, with you in the hard work of revolution

“Speaking truth to power” - to political parties, the military, the corporate media, predatory financial institutions - is at the heart of Jill's platform. And that’s exactly what she did last night in the debate.

donald-hillary_3rd_debate_720.jpgBecause of all the explosive media attention both before and after the debates, we’ve made great strides in getting a lot of work done - but there’s so much left to do.

And we are depending on you, our heroic supporters 100%, because...

We are the only
clean-money campaign
and we put people, peace, and planet
before profits!

Our party’s power comes from individuals like you. A total of about 84% of our total contributions have come from people who have given under $200... And of course, we accept NO corporate donations. (Only 17% of Hillary’s donations come from small donors.)

The Green Party is truly a grassroots revolution, a movement for real change, and we’re going to blindside the establishment. They think they’ve shut us down with the media blackout, the Trump circus, and the Hillary ad blitz.  

But last night proved them wrong. Thanks to you, once again, we owned the Internet!

But winning costs money...This battle has hit us hard financially. We’ve watched our pennies while using every opportunity to make the Jill and Ajamu option known to America.

Our expense controls have worked better than expected and we’ve made it to the middle of October. But it has been costly.

Here are the total campaign costs from all debates:
1st debate at Hofstra: $50k
2nd debate(Town Hall) in St. Louis: $35k
3rd debate: $25k
VP debate: $35k
Total cost: $145,000

When we started, we knew that from NOW right up to the election would be the most expensive part of the campaign. And we knew we would be calling on you to help. We need you to act today for the greater good, so Americans don’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils in the establishment candidates.

Our lives literally depend on it. So does the life of our planet, and the future of our children and future generations. YES! I want to act today for the greater good. Here’s my donation.

The world we’re working toward is not a dream. It’s not unattainable. As Jill says…it's in our hands. We have to stand up today, this minute, and fight for the greater good as if our lives depend on it. Because they do.


Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair

P.S. Jill is America's last, best chance to permanently end our disastrous history of corruption, deceit, and having to choose the lesser of two evils. Getting Jill’s message out—that Americans will no longer stand by for corruption, deception, and censorship — takes money. YES! I want to support Jill right now!

P.P.S. Will you help us continue to get our voices heard on the Green New Deal, Climate Change, on abolishing Student Debt, Income Inequality, Black Lives Matter, public corruption and more? The solutions will not be found in the insanity of the establishment parties. They will be found in us. COUNT ME IN! Here’s my donation. (Did you know? You are allowed togive up to $2,700 to JillWhy not max out your donation today?)

We can build a better future together.