Judy, Dane County

They have added a third room and hired more people. This is because they're counting Madison now. The city of Madison had a wonderful idea this year, an idea which I hope will inspire mayors all over the country. .EVERY library in the city was an early voting site. While this was wonderful for voters, the huge volume of absentee votes and the fact that people voted in libraries that were not in their wards made it possible for things to get a little 
messy. So I believe the county clerk has people in the third room sorting absentee from regular ballots, and making sure ballots are bundled in their correct wards.... In the elevator, as we were all leaving, the county clerk thanked me for being an observer. He said, "We need observers. If we didn't have observers, it would be like a tree falling in the woods. Nobody would know. Nobody would know what we've been doing." .