Karen, Milwaukee County

Today was the first day of the Wauwatosa recount and I observed one ward being recounted. In the morning, I wasn't there but they related that they worked with the regular paper ballots and those balanced out with the numbers reported from the election. However, while I was there, they were working with the absentee ballots. They ended up having more envelopes than absentee ballots and more envelopes and absentee ballots than the number reported on the election night form. The election night total of absentee ballots for Ward 17, Wauwatosa, was 421. The number of absentee envelopes counted today in Ward 17 was 457. The number of hand counted ballots today was 432, however these had not yet been run through the machine when I left. The uploaded photos are just of the original reporting form from election night. I have not yet filled out a completed observer reconciliation form as I did not get all of the numbers I needed from the recount workers.