IMG_1428.JPGThe elections are upon us and LatinXs are positioned to join the Green party in making history.

Just like any real social movement, we have to continue growing and expanding beyond the elections onNovember 8th. With your help, our most immediate goal is within reach: securing just 5% of the popular vote.

Your vote will put the Green party in a position to secure $10,000,000.00 for our next Presidential candidate in 2020!

So, please join us in making history and altering the direction of a US politic overrun with corporate corruption and the lying politicians that front for them. You can help improve the life in your community by voting Green on November 8th. Thank you!


Jill and Ajamu

P.S. And please remember to visit or website and social media sites for updates on our efforts with the LatinX community!

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Estafani.pngEstefani Rondon I'm Latina and I am voting for the Green Party because I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. At every election, that's what society tells us to do for the greater whole, and this is where it got us: to a place where both options in the two party system are completely corrupt. I'm voting for Jill Stein because she has zero ties to corporate donors and lobbyists. If she is elected, we are guaranteed to be clear on her motives. I will vote for the Green Party because I'm confident in those values and not because I'm scared of what will happen if the other candidates win.


Adrian.pngAdrian Boutureira My name is Adrian Boutureira. I have voted Green for as long as the Party has run a candidate, and will do so again this year by voting for the Stein-Baraka ticket. I support Jill stein's positions on all the issues that are important to me; immigration, foreign policy, education, health, and a Green Economy. A vote for Clinton, Trump or Johnson, would be a wasted vote. Jill-Baraka 2016 is the only ticket reflective of my values and expectations.


Annamarie.pngAnnie Martinez I am Latinx and proudly so! Soy Verde because the status quo doesn’t care about people like me; people of color, women, and the earth. Soy Verde because the Greens are the only party standing for radical racial justice and dismantling white supremacy as well as its enforcers: the two-party system and capitalism as we know it in this country. Soy Verde because as a nation and as a planet, we CANNOT continue on this path any further.


Karyna.pngKaryna Lemus I am unwilling to compromise my integrity by supporting candidates that foment so much that is bad: endless wars, propagating imperialist and interventionist foreign policy, failing to uphold human rights at home and abroad, supporting oil and gas and other industries that accelerate climate change, continuing the racist and failed drug war, demonizing immigrants and refugees. They worship capitalism when it is clearly the source of so many social and economic ills. I am proud to support Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for President and Vice President.


Adolfo.pngAdolfo Manzon I am a latinx and I believe in the Green Party because they respect all life and the environment. While Republicans deny climate change and refuse to do anything about it, Democrats acknowledge climate change but refuse to do anything because of the corporations funding their campaigns. We need real solutions, and the Green New Deal would help us get closer toward our goal.


Darlene.pngDarlene Elias I am a Puerto Rican woman who is Green and proud of it! I live in a city where almost half of the population is Puerto Rican, but we are disenfranchised and marginalized. The progressive Latinos who are in office are outnumbered by a conservative majority often, making them unable to effectively advocate for those in need in our city.  The Green Party for me has served as a vehicle to deal with issues of racism and oppression and has given me the voice I need to fight back.


Jesus.pngJesus Alfredo Duran Medina I am voting Green because our planet can't afford a Democrat or Republican in office, because my Salvadorian people and Syrian refugees can't afford 8 years of Clinton or Trump and because the global south can't afford 8 more years of U.S. Imperialism.



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Adrián in Los Angeles at the tail end of this video: