Linda, Waukesha County

1)Bd of Canvassers voted to move bd table to a different room from where tabulations were being done.rn2)I observed the opening of ballot bags #s 11351,11354,11353,11352,11355 from City of Pewaukee Wards 1,2,3,4rn3)I observed the closing out of ballots from City of New Berlin Ward#2 - everything was accounted for and no objections.rn4)I also observed the closing out of City of Waukesha Ward #22 - the envelope with questionable / damaged ballots was opened by the B/C and after inspection it was agreed that the "voter intent could NOT be determined".I apologize for not being able to report more but it was very difficult to hear and follow what was being said - I hope the Primary Observer who was allowed to stand closer was able to get more info. I do not have any photos/documents to upload.