Lisa, Washtenaw County

I arrived and was seated at a table where MI-Washtenaw-Ypsi(city)-Ward1-Pct1 was concluding. 3 things should match: pollbook+tape+#ballots. The pollbook did not match but at this location 2 out 3 is good enough to go forward. I observed the next batches in full: Ward2-Pct2, Ward1-Pct3, Ward3-Pct1, Ward2-Pct2. All of the aforementioned batches were absentee ballots.
My shift was from 5p-9p ET. I arrived early for training. I was told upon arriving that they would end the day at 7p or when the table I was assigned to finished the batch of precincts assigned.IMG_20161207_2100380.jpg